A project manager and a developer walk into a bar.

And record a podcast.

The Scope Creepers Podcast is a show where a Software Developer and a Project Manager discuss common software development situations, and give each other's perspective on the matter.

The Developer

Pedro Madruga is a software engineer, specialized in Javascript, working in web and mobile projects since 2006. Having worked in multiple companies, with multiple sized teams allows him to give an input on this show's episodes, from the developers' perspective. You can reach him out via different channels at pedromadruga.com. Ping him on twitter @pedroforaday.

The Project Manager

Christian Schade is a seasoned strategic project manager in the digital media and software industries. He has worked for acclaimed Danish and international companies and has extensive experience with classic modern project management and agile methodologies. He works as Product Development Manager in a mid-sized startup in the digital music industry as well as an independent consultant/owner in New Media Crew. You can reach him at [christian.schade AT newmediacrew.com] and http://www.christianschade.me. Linkedin profile here.

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